Paulette Herbert

Meet Paulette:

Dr. Paulette Herbert recognizes that life can bring challenges to many people.  She specializes in working with adults, children, adolescents and families. She utilizes her specialized training and experience to help her clients heal from past traumas, psychological disorders and current life issues. She believes in partnering with her clients to create a plan to move forward into a healthy future.

Dr. Herbert believes that therapy is not a mystery but rather a process where she facilitates healing in a safe manner. Her specialized areas of training with children allow her to have a unique perspective with adults and families because many of the issues they struggle with are directly tied to their childhood experiences. She is known for her pragmatic and straightforward style and helps her clients, young and old, look at their lives from different perspectives.

Dr. Herbert believes in helping each client by taking a family approach. She will often include other family members in therapy sessions. This helps to determine what went wrong and when the problems started. She can help families promote an environment conducive to success.

Dr. Herbert also specializes in helping children and adolescents overcome trauma from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Reactive Attachment Disorder and childhood problems.  She believes that parents are their children’s therapist for life and she helps the family as a whole.


Doctorate in Counseling Psychology (EdD) from Univeristy of Sarasota in 2008
Master of Social Work (MSW) from University of South Carolina in 1997
Bachelor in Education from University of Central Florida in 1983

Professional Affiliations

American Play Therapy Association
National Association of Social Workers